I Know It’s Better Than Mediocre

It’s time for another weekend here at Austin After Dark. I’ve tried to stay away from responding to Michael Corcoran’s backhanded article about the state of Austin. Several other sites have responded (including a well thought response by the Austinist.com) and I felt it would go away. It didn’t and I keep getting asked how I feel about the article. I’ll start off by saying that I am not a fan of Michael Corcoran, his taste in music or the way he conducts his business. I’ve always felt he has stepped on the heads of people following their dreams to try and further his own. That being said, the article does have some valid points that are lost in the shuffle of blinded bashing. I will grant you that the city government is more concerned with bringing in new people it doesn’t take care of those already here. I will grant you that there is plenty of below average performers that muddy up the landscape, however this is partly due to reviewers and columnists like Corcoran who will promote a random act to sound hip and edgy. Corcoran elicits the response he was looking for in getting people to react whether it be good or bad. The major flaw I find with this thought process is that something has to be accepted by New York, LA and the powers that be to have any merit of greatness. The reason Austin is great is exactly the opposite, our ability to be happy within ourselves. Provide quality affordable entertainment every night of the week for ourselves. Local venues, bands and businesses joining together to make this a better place for everyone. So many people think Austin’s arrogance and pride are unfounded and unwarranted. Our pride lets us form an artistic community we can support and not have to rely on what multi-million dollar labels and businesses tell us is great. This city is what you make of it. Michael, if you think Austin is mediocre you’ve brought that upon yourself. I love Austin, I love my Austin family and will continue to promote the city and people that I believe are great. I could go on and on but I’ll move on to the weekend picks.

Friday starts with Southpark After Dark at Southpark Meadows with Will Talyor and Strings Attached. They will be playing a tribute to Led Zeplin, plus I like the whole After Dark thing. Anagen reunites at Hotel Vegas with Blonde Make Better Victims opening. Anagen was growing fast in the Austin music scene when the members decided to pursue other projects. Now back in Austin, Anagen gets together from time to time to bring the jams. Hole in the Wall has Megafauna, Oppisite Day and the Grand Pistols. Megafauna weaves throughout ballads, rockers and everything in between all while keeping beautiful melodies as a core. Whitman has a CD Release at the ND at 501 Studios with Golden Bear, The Couch and Slowtrain. Whitman bears their soles with their lyrics and keep you entranced with their music.

Saturday starts with a full lineup at the Saxon Pub including the Resentments CD Release, Omar and the Howlers and our guest this week on First Spin Amber Lucille and the Lightness. This should be a great night from beginning to end with veterans and up and comers in the like. Cactus Café hosts the Naga Valli CD release party. Naga takes her heritage of India and fuses it with soul to create a beautiful blend. The Guitar legend Alan Haynes takes his talents to Ginny’s Little Longhorns Saloon. Alan will blow you away with the ease that his fingers move around the neck of the guitar. And finally as part of the Belmont’s grand reopening week And You Will Know Us By The Trail of Dead returns to Austin. Trail of Dead has toured the world and will show their skills in the newly renovated Belmont.

And that wraps up another weekend in Austin, Texas. Have fun, be safe and Remember, follow our daily picks at atxafterdark.com, Tune into Austin After Dark radio every Thursday at 8:00pm on http://www.ustream.tv/channel/aad-radio, check out First Spin every Monday, like us on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/AustinAfterDark , follow us on twitter at @AustinAfterDark and send any e-mails to Patrick@atxafterdark.com. I’ll see you next week.


About Austin After Dark

Patrick Davis started Austin After Dark in 2010 with the belief that Austinites would support local musicians more if it was easier to find the shows and bands that appealed to them. Tired of the corporate state of anyone promoting Austin music he set out to do it himself. With the help of some savvy music fans around town Austin After Dark looks to open a fully functioning website and more in late 2011 View all posts by Austin After Dark

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